How to find properties of picture on iphone

Lulu Tedder
Lulu Tedder

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12 May 2020 Every time you take a photo, whether it is with your iPhone or an actual camera, a
bunch of data is automatically added to the file of that photo.
Yes - the old mobile iPhoto app as well as the Photos app shows all sorts of
photo metadata (assuming you allowed the camera app to store it in the first
14 Jun 2020 To access this data, right-click an image file in Windows File Explorer and press
Properties. In the Properties window, click on the Details tab. You
29 Nov 2018 Another way to view photo metadata on iPhone is to use a free app from
AppStore, Photo Investigator. Once you authorize the app to access all
29 Mar 2021 When you share a photo with geolocation coordinates tagged in a photo's EXIF
data, viewers can use their Photos app to figure out where the
20 Mar 2019 Open the app and access your photo library by tapping the icon in the bottom left
corner. Confirm when prompted. Now select the image you wish to seek
14 Oct 2019 Every iPhone photo you capture, every video you record includes tons of hidden "
EXIF" information. Here's how to view it in iOS13 without any
Right-click that file to open a context menu and then select "Properties." The
Properties dialog box opens on the computer. The file name of the picture in
9 Feb 2021 The idea that nearly anyone could find your location using your images is as a
whole, click the 'Remove Properties and Personal Information' link at the
iPhone. 1. Open the 'Photos' app 2. Select the
View, delete or modify image properties on iOS 1 Image Metadata. 1.1 General
Info; 1.2 Exif; 1.3 XMP; 1.4 Location details; 1.5 TIFF; 1.6 Copyright Information or

2 Jan 2020 Unable to check the image size on iOS? Check out these 4 easy ways to know
the photo file size on iPhone and iPad.


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