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open for everyone wishes to experience God at higher levels. Shalom is what we can say. For it is with a great pleasure that you will be welcomed at the Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) Church. AMI is a Bible believing church which was founded by Pastor Alph Lukau. It stands as an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry which believes and embraces the power of the Holy Spirit. Its General Overseer and most senior pastor is Alph Lukua.
AMI has its foundation rooted in the word of God and was started back on the 24th of February 2002. It has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Note that it also has branches across different continents. Having as vision to conquer the whole world for Jesus Christ, AMI welcomes international visitors from all places in the world. It was to ease this process that the Alleluia Ministries International Programme was established.

Many people have been to AMI and are currently giving testimonies of the goodness of God in their lives. And for sure you won’t be an exception for no one visits the light of God and comes back the same. Relax and smile because we are serving a God to whom everything is possible. He is aware o your troubles, pains, hardship, poverty, and sickness. He will not leave you without changing your story.
Having embraced all the spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, AMI is walking in higher spiritual levels in bringing glory to God’s name. That’s why in AMI, healing is children’s bread. Divine blessings, deliverance, and breakthrough are the things that characterize AMI. Above all, they speak the undiluted truth about Jesus Christ that brings salvation and works towards emptying hell to fill heaven.

Alleluia Ministries International Visitors Programme (AMI IVP) +27739544742
Carefully note the following tips concerning the Alleluia Ministries International Visitors Programme. International guests at AMI are offered a special package that includes:

A pick up from the point of arrival;
Comfortable drive to the hotel of residence;
Transportation to all AMI official services;
A stay at a 3 to 5 star hotel; and
Full breakfast.
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Partaking the AMI IVP program will offer you a chance of meeting with pastor Alph Lukau. Note that the general overseer of AMI usually host personal encounters with international visitors. During these encounters, he offers counselling and directions to those who meet with him. In order to secure your stay at AMI, make sure to complete your accommodation payment 3 to 5 days before arrival. For international visitors coming from outside South Africa, they should make full accommodation payments 10 days before arrival.

This brings us to the end of our writing. You can as well check the AMI International Visitors Registration Form. The following are some related articles which you can read:
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