100 cantors à Varsovie

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Un concert unique et exceptionnel depuis la Shoah :


WARSAW (AFP)---One hundred Jewish cantors from around the globe will sing in an unprecedented concert in Warsaw next week, reviving the art of Jewish liturgical song virtually wiped out in Poland by the Holocaust, organisers said Thursday.
"Prior to the Second World War, this (Warsaw) was the capital of the cantorial world... a few hundred metres from this place was the Tlomackie synagogue and that was the 'cantorial Vatican', if you will," said cantor Nathan Lam, 62, from Los Angeles, California, speaking in the concert venue, Poland's National Opera in Warsaw.
"To come back to this place... almost 60 years later, with the largest number of cantors since the Shoah -- it's returning home and saying this music is still alive and well," said Lam, whose grandparents were Polish Jews from the Warsaw area.


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